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Next Conference



 During the Conference in Cape Town we announced (in contrary to the previous years) the place and period for next years’ Conference.
There we received already many reactions directly on the spot.


Following factors are on most members’ minds when deciding to attend or not to attend:

  • The cost and time to get to a conference town
  • The potential to extend the trip for further business or leisure travel
  • The attractivity of the destination
  • The visa requirements
  • Safety considerations
  • The fact whether or not we have been in the same area recently with our conference.
  • Many members requested a European destination.

It goes without saying that we strive to a very high attendance and for this reason we want to oblige the maximum number of members.

So taking all these points into consideration, we decided to change the destination.


And the selected destination is…





The Venue for the 7th Annual CGLI Conference

Hôtels & Préférence Hualing Tbilisi



Conference date
Conference location

Hualing. Tbilisi Sea New City
0190 Tbilisi