AIR - Air Freight Forwarding

“So while I was in college I did a little study on the freight industry, the air freight industry. And I looked at this company called Flying Tiger. And I actually put a thousand dollars in it and I remember I thought this air cargo was going to be a thing of the future” - Peter Lynch - American investor, mutual fund manager, and philanthropist.

While ocean freight is the most common type of international transport in the logistics industry, planes are another convenient way to transport cargo around the world. They are often the fastest way to get your goods where they need to go. Airfreight is a lot more expensive than other types of transport, but it is often the best option, particularly for time-sensitive deliveries.

The CGLI Air freight forwarders specialize in the complexities of international trade. Processing an airfreight shipment requires too many details and steps that will need some experience. Like preparation of the commercial and shipping documents, packing and labeling the cargo properly as per IATA standards, how and when to deliver the cargo to the airport so shippers will not face any penalties or storage charges.

Knowledgeable and experienced CGLI members of the AIR division can provide the tools needed to succeed in this complicated shipping process.