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Bill of Lading

  • Our Network HBL is operated by CGLI Pte Ltd. Singapore             
  • All Network Members can become agents of CGLI by simply signing an Agency Agreement  with CGLI Singapore           
  • As CGLI agents you are entitled to sign the CGLI BL’s in compliance with the conditions set forth in the CGLI Agency Agreement  & the CGLI Claim & Operations Manual
  • For ordering please mail to and indicate how many sets you need (minimum 20). You can only use the BL numbers allocated to you in writing.
  • The CGLI (carriers) Liability Insurance is centrally covered through Navigators as underwriters. A copy of the CGLI Policy Schedule and of  Navigator’s ‘Navilog Standard Policy Terms’ will be send to you at first demand
  • Limitations :
    •  (for time being) Not cleared for FMC , this is in the process
    • Not cleared for MOT China
  • Most Important Features of the Claim & Operations Manual :
    • Signing only by registered staff members (see Appendix A)
    • In the event of a (potential) claim immediately inform CGLI at
    • Under no circumstances admit liability but always use the wording provided on p. 10 of the Claim & Operations Manual
    • All shipments effected under the CGLI BL’s must be reported on a monthly basis to CGLI