Bill of Lading

The Network offers to all members the use of the CGLI b/l against very low insurance...

Our Network HBL is operated by CGLI Hold NV Antwerpen

All Network Members can become agents of CGLI by simply signing an Agency Agreement with CGLI Antwerpen

As CGLI agents you are entitled to sign the CGLI BL’s in compliance with the conditions set forth in the CGLI Agency Agreement & the CGLI Claim & Operations Manual

For ordering please mail to and indicate how many sets you need (minimum 20). You can only use the BL numbers allocated to you in writing.

The CGLI (carriers) Liability Insurance is centrally covered through Navigators as underwriters. A copy of the CGLI Policy Schedule and of Navigator’s ‘Navilog Standard Policy Terms’ will be send to you at first demand

  • (for time being) Not cleared for FMC , this is in the process
  • Not cleared for MOT China
Most Important Features of the Claim & Operations Manual:
  • Signing only by registered staff members (see Appendix A)
  • In the event of a (potential) claim immediately inform CGLI at
  • Under no circumstances admit liability but always use the wording provided on p. 10 of the Claim & Operations Manual
  • All shipments effected under the CGLI BL’s must be reported on a monthly basis to CGLI
Bill of Lading