Genfor - General Forwarding

The name Genfor stands for the division “General Forwarding” of the CGLI Network. It is the largest division and as the name suggests the members offer a brought pallet of services: Full container shipments with a complete service are certainly one of the main activities. Whether it is import or export, the Genfor members are committed to handle your shipments in the smoothest way.

The Genfor members are at your disposal. Flawless administration and communication, excellent customs declarations: this is what you can expect all the time.

A very important aspect is obviously the cost of your international shipments. The Genfor members entertain good relations with the global and niche carriers. It goes without saying that our service comes with a cost. But consider this: “if something is for free, does it have any value then?” or “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

The Genfor members are fully conscious that their customers expect added value and value for money. Thanks to the excellent relations between the members you will have someone in every corner of the world who will be on your side. When push comes to shove, a liner service department will always stand by their principal, not by their customer. If you confide cargo to a Genfor member, you will be assisted for better or for worse.

Freight forwarders who are fitting the above description are welcome to apply for membership.