Published: 11 Mar, 2020

Dear CGLI members,

Dear friends,

In view of the increasing global spread of the Covid-19 virus (Corona) and the measurements taken by authorities across the globe, we have decided to postpone the CGLI World Conference 2020.

The new Conference date will be the 18th of November up to 21st of November 2020 in Marbella – Spain.

The Hotel and Conference contributions are not refunded but are kept valid and transferred to the Conference in November.

The hotel has confirmed they are holding 100 rooms available for the participants, may we, therefore, ask you to confirm your attendance for the November Conference asap, where needed we can increase the number of rooms.

We hope for your understanding of the decision taken.

Looking forward to seeing you in November &

let us make sure to have a great Conference 2020.

**All further updated information & documentation will follow in the next few days**