Rules & Regulations CGLI

The CGLI Network is an international platform from day 1 covering all continents with continuous search for professional new members in remote areas.

CGLI promote its network development in the freight-forwarding industry by inviting you to be a CGLI representative in your country.

CGLI welcomes all strong, professional businesses in the freight-forwarding from all around the world.

CGLI looks forward to you joining our network becoming a strong member and reaching high levels of professionalism.

Multiple Members per location to offer various services are allowed. The number of Members per location is determined by CGLI management.

Membership is automatically renewed for 1 year at the ending of each membership period. 30 days before membership will expire, members will receive invitation for payment of the next period.

Members who wish to not renew their membership must advise CGLI Administration in WRITING within 7 Days after the issuance of our invoice. You will receive confirmation of ending your membership. Otherwise full payment of your membership fees is applicable.

CGLI will have 1 convention per year at a neutral location. Convention attendance is expected by at least 1 person per CGLI HQ-member.

CGLI is not ONLY a website or weekly Newsletter, we require our members to be pro-active and attending our yearly meeting, and supply CGLI administration with active business news, new services of your area of expertise and location which will appear in the CGLI newsletters. This is a strong asset for your future business.

Companies may be refused to join the CGLI Network if false information is provided upon application.

As a member of The CGLI Network, all members should act according to the following business rules, practices and ethics whilst dealing among other fellow members

  • Support fellow members worldwide as a priority to the best of your company's ability
  • Prompt respond (24 hrs) to all request, even if part of the requested info is available
  • Settle debt obligations due members in an agreed manner.
  • Be active in sales endeavors for mutual growth
  • Respect other members’ existing customer bases and refrain from back selling or use of other CGLI members confidential client data
  • Handle all business transactions and shipments with high quality service and neutrality
  • Having professional staff at the highest level of service with proper licensing, tools, and technology to perform as requested and agreed.
  • Any disputes between members are to be reported to CGLI administration within 1 month for mediation purposes, issues that may require legal assistance or actions to be handled between members themselves.

Adding the logo of CGLI network in the signature of outgoing mails and the website, to promote the CGLI Network.