Thermo - XTrade - Reefers & Crosstrade

Two growing segments in international shipping are temperature controlled cargoes and cross trade business. This requires expert freight forwarding companies. The division Thermo Cross Trade groups members who are specializing in this business.

1) Temperature controlled transport

Kiwi’s from New Zealand, bananas from Costa Rica, pharmaceuticals from Switzerland, pine apples from Côte d’Ivoire, feta cheese from Greece or beef from Brazil: reefer containers and skilled staff are crucial to make sure these supplychains are working well. It requires attention, dedication and know-how.

When you are dealing with a CGLI member in this division you can rest assure that you get the right service: pre-tripping of the reefers, gensets if required, instructions to connect the reefer to the electrical supply, expert advice regarding food inspection requirements and last but not least competitive conditions: you found the right address.

2) Cross Trade

The expansion of world trade in the last few decades was tremendous. The growing number of international trade agreements made it easier to buy and sell goods on the world market place. A trader in Singapore can buy in Africa and sell in South America. Having your communication and contacts globally is a requirement to do this successfully.

The same goes for the logistics. Split B/L, rules of origin, being sure you get paid or that you will indeed receive your goods: an expert freight forwarder of Thermo Cross Trade partners up with you and make it all happen.

We have vacancies for new Thermo Cross Trade members in a number of countries.

If you’ve got what it takes and you want to be part of this group, than wait no longer and apply for membership by filling in the formular (preferred method) or send us an email on